The Ultimate Blind Date

Go offline – Explore real connections.

Our 'Why?'

Computers have algorithms, you have intuition and chemistry – There is nothing more natural than starting a relationship with eye-contact and a real conversation. 

There is an increasing number of New Zealanders who are giving up on digital dating and searching for opportunities to explore authentic connections without too much dependence on technology. Date With Eight was created with that in mind; making the face-to-face meeting the focus where letting someone get to know the real you is more important than judging a profile picture. 

Date With Eight takes advantage of the impressive dining and activity scene that Auckland has to offer. By creating opportunities where you can interact with other singles while doing an activity, encourages you to be yourself without the added pressure of having to organize the date, pay for anyone else but yourself and let anyone down if things don’t work out.

Whether you’re hoping for romance, a companion or new friends to play golf with, by meeting a group of likeminded singles in a safe environment, doing fun activities or dining at places you usually enjoy, we think this is the perfect formula to finding that special someone!

How Does It Work?

1. View...

all the upcoming events on the website.

2. Book...

a date that appeals to you based on your age, interests, cost and location.

3. View...

other members attending and invite others who you’d like to meet (Premium Members only)

4. Receive...

a confirmation of the event and members you’ll meet the day before the event.

5. Attend...

– Connect – Enjoy!

6. If...

you missed a chance to exchange contact details at the event, you have 48 hours to connect with them on the website.


How is Date With Eight different from online dating?

Date With Eight is a all about making the face-to-face connection the aim. Apart from seeing people's profile pictures (Premium Members only) there is no prior interaction online so you get to know the 'real' people who you meet at each event. Dates are usually for 8 people; 4 women and 4 men so meeting in a group is a fun and exciting way to make new introductions!

What are the age ranges? I’m 38 and don’t really want to be on a date with 22 year olds.

The age ranges are flexible and vary from date to date. This is so you don’t end up on different dates with the same people too often. So as an example, if you’re 38, you might attend a date for 29 – 39 year olds one week, and the following week be on another date for 32 – 42 year olds.

What does it cost to join?

It's free to join Date With Eight, so you can view and book dates that interest you. Each event has it's own separate cost which you pay at the time of booking. You can pay a monthly fee to become a Premium Member.

What's a Premium Membership?

Becoming a Premium Member is optional and will give you additional benefits to the basic version. You can view profile pictures, invite other members and enjoy priority booking for an easy monthly fee.

I need to cancel. Can I get a refund?

Send us an email to cancel your booking; There are strictly no refunds, credits or transfers if you cancel within 48 hours of the event. If your cancellation is more than 48 hours before the event, only the 10% service fee is non-refundable. Alternatively you can transfer the full cost to another date within 6 months. Please visit the Terms and Conditions for more information.

Is it an even split of males and females?

Each date has an equal number of spaces available for men and women to book. However, dates require a minimum of 4, (2x men and 2x women) to go ahead and will do so even if there is a slightly uneven number.

Doh! I’ve double booked myself – can I transfer my paid date to another date?

Transferring can only be done if your request is placed more than 48 hours before the event date. The new event must be within 6 months or original event date and additional payment of difference in cost may be required. See the Terms and Conditions.

What if I don’t like anyone on my date?

Hopefully that’s not the case; but we really encourage you to stick around and get to know the people on your date. If you don’t find a love interest, you might make some new friends. It’s the same as a regular 1-1 date; there is no obligation for you to see the date through. You won’t be entitled to a refund though if you skip your dinner or activity.

What if I do like someone on my date?

Then we are stoked we helped to make the first introduction! If you didn't get to exchange numbers on the date, all daters who attended can message the other members after the event, but you'll only have 48 hours to do so before the page is removed.

There is an event I'm really keen on, but I'm just outside the age range. Can I still go?

The date will remain open to those within the age range first, so you can request to go on a 'Standby' list. You'll get the call up if your age is appropriate to that group and if there are still spaces the day of the event.

My neighbour is 42 and single. Can I sign her up?

No, she has to sign herself up – you can obviously encourage and help her. You are not permitted to sign anyone else other than yourself up.

I'm over 50, divorced and can't stand online dating. Can I join?

Absolutely! You'll find that many of our members might be in the same boat. So whether you have already been married, are a solo parent or come out of a very long-term relationship our events will help you to meet individuals who are either looking for love, a friend, travel buddy or golf partner.

I’m a vegetarian – will I be catered for on restaurant dates?

Most venues will cater for vegetarians and other dietary needs. However, it’s best to check before booking, and again with staff when you’re at the venue.

Can I bring a friend along to a date?

Yes! As long as your friend is a Date With Eight member and has booked themselves their own spot on the same date. Best to book at the same time so you’re most likely to both get a place.

But, my friend is married. Can he come along for fun?

No. Date With Eight is exclusively for those who are not attached; married or in de-facto relationships.

How do I cancel my membership?

We’d be sorry to see you go (unless you’ve made a match with us!) Just go to your account and select DELETE ACCOUNT. All information will be deleted and credit forfeited.