Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age ranges? I’m 32 and don’t really want to be on a date with 21 year olds.+-

The age ranges are flexible and vary from date to date. This is so you don’t end up on different dates with the same people too often. So as an example, if you’re 32, you might attend a date for 29 – 33 year olds one week, and the following week be on another date for 32 – 36 year olds.

Can I bring a friend along to a date?+-

Yes! As long as your friend is a Date With Eight member and has booked themselves their own spot on the same date. Best to book at the same time so you’re most likely to both get a place.

But, my friend is married. Can he come along for fun? +-

No. Date With Eight is exclusively for those who are not attached; married or in de-facto relationships.

My neighbour is 42 and single. Can I sign her up? +-

No, she has to sign herself up – you can obviously encourage and help her. You are not permitted to sign anyone else other than yourself up.

Is it an even split of males and females? +-

Yes – each date will allow 4 males and 4 females to book. Dates for gay singles will have 8 of the same gender on each date.

What does it cost to join?+-

The launch promotion is for a limited time only and allows anyone to join for FREE. (T’s and C’s apply). There will be a joining fee which will be specified once the promotion is over. Any membership is valid for 12 months.

When do new dating events get published?+-

Every week new dates will be advertised in the member’s section of the website. You have to be a member to see them. You’ll be emailed when new events are added, but it’s best to regularly login and check yourself too.

Will I know who’s going on the date before I book? +-

No, but once you are booked and confirmed on the date, you will receive an email with a hint of who will be on the date. We’ll leave it up to you to get to know one another!

What if I don’t like anyone on my date? +-

Hopefully that’s not the case; but we really encourage you to stick around and get to know the people on your date. If you don’t find a love interest, you might make some new friends. It’s the same as a regular 1-1 date; there is no obligation for you to see the date through. You won’t be entitled to a refund though if you skip your dinner or activity.

What if I do like someone on my date? +-

Then we are stoked we helped to make the first introduction! Then it’s up to you – exchange numbers and set up your own 1-1 date.

There is an event I'm really keen on, but I'm just outside the age range. Can I still go? +-

The date will remain open to those within the age range first, so you can request to go on a 'Standby' list. You'll get the call up if your age is appropriate to that group and if there are still spaces the day of the event.

I’m a vegetarian – will I be catered for on restaurant dates?+-

Most venues will cater for vegetarians and other dietary needs. However, it’s best to check before booking, and again with staff when you’re at the venue.

I’ve changed my mind – can I get a refund? +-

There are strictly no refunds, credits or transfers if you cancel within 24 hours of the event. Cancellations between 24hrs and 7 days before the event, will result in a 50% refund - no transfers. Cancellations more than 7 days prior to the event, will result in an 80% refund or the option to transfer to another date.

Doh! I’ve double booked myself – can I transfer my paid date to another date? +-

Transferring can only be done if your request is placed more than 7 days before the event date. For less than 7 days notice, you can't transfer but may be entitled to a part refund. To avoid this, please check the dates and times carefully!

My 12 months is almost up! Can I re-join?+-

You’ll be sent an e-mail reminder when your membership is coming to an end. For an additional fee, you can re-join for another 12 months. Prices will be specified at the time of re-joining.

How do I cancel my membership? +-

We’d be sorry to see you go (unless you’ve made a match with us!) Just send us an e-mail, so we have your request in writing. You will be removed from the database and no longer receive our e-mails.