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Dating With A Difference

Whether you are newly single, a serial dater or just had enough terrible Tinder dates, Date With Eight gives you a fresh new approach to meeting new friends, a partner or the woman or man of your dreams.

Date With Eight is exactly that, a date with seven other people  ~ 4 women and 4 men on the ultimate blind date! By meeting others in a safe environment, doing fun activities, and eating and drinking at places you enjoy, we think this is the perfect formula to finding your match.

Why Date With Eight?

  • It's fun and exciting! Meet new people in relaxed, fun and social settings.
  • We arrange the date details; day, time and venue. The pressure is not left up to an individual to stress over.
  • It's safe ~ No personal information is shared and you can attend dates with friends, as long as they're single and Date With Eight members too.
  • No awkward conversations about splitting the bill. You pre-pay for what you agree to, and cover any supplements on the date.
  • There is no obligation ~ You are in control.  Difficult follow-up texts are a thing of the past; but you might have exchanged numbers with someone to set up your next 1-1 date!
  • It's worthwhile! No wasted time or money on meaningless dates. Participate in an activity, learn a skill or explore new restaurants, bars that you haven't tried before.

Date With Eight is considered the 'date scene without a screen' and takes advantage of the impressive dining scene and interactive activities that Auckland has to offer. By creating opportunities where you can interact with other singles and be yourself without the pressure of needing to answer to a particular individual, is a pretty natural way to make connections.

Disclaimer* There is no algorithm or science in who you go on your date with. We simply set the scene and basic requirements for each date; eg: Italian cooking in Mission Bay for 22-26 year olds, and leave it up to those who tick all these boxes to book.

Register to Date With Eight

By registering you:

  • Must be between 22 - 50 years of age
  • Will receive Date With Eight alerts by e-mail and have access to upcoming dates.
  • Will be able to sign up for any dates you're interested in by following the prompts.
  • Have access for 12 months, then you have the option to continue for an additional fee.
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions


Upcoming dates

'A Taste Of France' - Weekend Wine & Cheese

Saturday 19 Aug 2017
A date for M & F | 40 - 50 yrs

'Mix It Up' Cocktails @ Vodka Room (31 - 41yrs)

Saturday 19 Aug 2017
A date for M & F | 31 - 41 yrs

Sunday Session @ Pocket

Sunday 27 Aug 2017
A date for M & F | 26 - 36 yrs

Malaysian Encounter - Seafood Cooking Class

Thursday 31 Aug 2017
A date for M & F | 29 - 40 yrs

Beats By Bingo @ The Commons

Thursday 07 Sep 2017
A date for M & F | 26 - 38 yrs

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